A well-orchestrated yoga retreat is a vacation of self-discovery; giving participants an opportunity to renew their mind and body experience. Although both yoga and meditation will be a part of the curriculum, you don’t need to have experience with either to participate. There will be options for both the beginner and those who are more experienced. Experienced mystic coaches will gently lead you throughout your stay.

Date: 28th-31st August, 2014

Location: Rhododendron Dell’ Resort, Darjeeling

Mystic Yoga Retreat is an unique opportunity for Mystic Yoga members and non-members to experience the thrill of practicing Yoga, Meditation and rejoice and embrace the exotic Darjeeling hill in the monsoons.

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Mystic Yoga Retreat is to bring body and mind into balance. If there is a harmonious flow of energy through the body it improves general wellbeing. Read more ...


If we had to demystify our Yoga retreats then we need to explain the seven essential aspects of our retreat.Read more ...

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Comfortable stay, organic food and scenic routes are halmark of our retreats.Read more...

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Practicing Yoga has immense benefit to our body, mind & spirit; our residential yoga retreat provides an immersion aspect that allows participants to disconnect from their hectic lives; hear from the people who have participated in our retreats.